How did Psychworld’s hoodie become the most in-demand item in fashion?

It’s not often a brand with 195 Twitter followers sells out a graphic hoodie priced at $128,  yet that’s what happened on Sunday when Psychworld released their first-ever drop of one hoodie.

All black with a slime green ‘Psychworld’ graphic that is blurred, the hoodie doesn’t stretch the imagination as one of the most creative items that will be seen from Psychworld but its text stands out. The slime green is clearly recognisable, following the consistent branding that has been done, and that’s led to immense hype.

Yet, it isn’t just a stand-out font that has allowed Psychworld to gain incredible, unseen hype. Instagram features from the likes of Drake, Skepta and Lil Yachty surged the brand into popularity as the item was portrayed as incredibly rare, with only the most famous people able to get their hands on it.


The photos from the aforementioned rappers has led to people speculating whether Psychworld’s creation is an industry job, with Ian Connor touted as the owner of the brand on Kanye To The. With Connor working on Sicko, it’s unlucky that this is the case.

Cleverly delaying the release of the hoodie while allowing these photos to be shared around on social media has seen the brand’s private Instagram gain over 20,000 followers. On the gram, Psychworld continued to remind potential consumers that they weren’t able to get their hands on the piece, which increased demand for the drop. Such was the need for the item, fakes were being produced and sold, leading to Psychworld having to out them on Twitter.

The brand furthered their appeal by consistently posting dark graphics, usually including the slime colour, and people have related to this mystic approach. The website features a man speaking while the overlay glitches while the Instagram icon is a burning green skull. The aesthetic that has been created sees similarities with the styles of Playboi Carti and Skepta, two influential figures in the streetwear fashion industry.

An air of mystique, along with an incredibly rare appeal and aesthetic has seen Psychworld create one of the most in-demand pieces of recent times from nothing. While no one can predict what to come from this immensely private brand, the first drop has sold out, and now resells for double its retail, and it looks set to continue in this vein.

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