Which brand is leading the line in Manchester’s streetwear scene?

“The fashion scene in general in Manchester is really diverse just walking through the city centre you see all sorts, personally we’ve seen a change in fashion these days everyone no matter who you are or what budget you live on is trying to dress smarter everyone’s trying to be a bit more edgy and bit more rebellious some people pull it off some don’t its nice to watch though ha!”

If Gramm had a crystal ball, their interview with Boutique North still rings true today. In 2013, the brand in focus said the above, and it’s still spot on.

Yet Gramm haven’t time to sit behind a crystal ball when the clothing movement is busy leading Manchester’s streetwear scene.


Now onto their fourth collection, after three big-hitting successes, the brand continue to stay consistent and relevant.

Refining every detail, even customising the cursor on their website, Gramm hold Manchester’s fashion flame.

Unlike many clothing brands before, their initial collection, as oppose to featuring printed white t-shirts, Gramm hit the market with a full tracksuit, jumpers and a crop top. Unique.


Their archive drop went further. A tele-text graphic tee for those who remember television’s old days and the green water bottle, titled ‘Big Swig’, are one of a kind.

The vibrant green colour on the bottle highlighted AK Williams’ keen eye for consistency.

And, it would be this colour that would reappear in the label’s ‘1.28’ and biggest drop to date.

Reintroducing the tracksuit in navy and black, Gramm pushed their creative boundaries again by including a scarf, laser cut key ring, socks and shoelaces. The fluorescent green the constant.

Aside from their clothing ranges, the fourth of which is dropping almost simultaneously with this post, Gramm have utilised their surroundings.


Manchester, one of the UK’s most creative cities, has spots perfect for streetwear brands to take photos for their social media accounts, and Gramm has noticed this. The JPEG section of their website and the brand’s Instagram makes the most of the vibrant colours of the corner shops and battered Mancunian street corners and the ‘Gramm’ logo is noticeable at the forefront of every picture.

The brand catered to the female streetwear market in their latest drop with an item titled ‘GYAL UNIT’. A lycra crop with distinctive branding came alongside eight items including the ‘DROP PACK’ bag that sold out. A new ‘Gramm Tours’ initiative also launched and is still available online.

The brand’s presence at Manchester’s key events, such as Mason Collective @ Hatch, only furthers their appeal and statement “FOR THE YOUTHS BY THE YUTES”. Gramm’s creatives are fully involved in Manchester’s landscape and through collaboration with other upcoming visionaries, their brand is set to stay at the heartbeat of the thriving scene occurring in the North West of the UK.

Featured Image: All Rights Reserved by GRAMM. 

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