Piece by Piece: The Hoodlab ‘In The Lab’ drop review

In what is the fourth drop available on The Hoodlab’s website, the Manchester brand came with three items, all being t-shirts. Like their second drop, the number of items released may lead people to be unimpressed, yet The Hoodlab managed to create three noteworthy pieces.

It seems common practice for the brand to go from one extreme to another in regards to the sizes of their drops as number one and three, titled ‘Bike Shop’ and ‘All Rights Removed’ respectively, have a large variety of items available for purchase. Two and four, however, are clearly aimed at those who know what they want and know they want it from The Hoodlab.

Drop two provided festival and summer attire in the form of football-themed shirts, contextual to the ongoing World Cup while the retro vibe fit well with streetwear at the time. Drop for, titled ‘In The Lab’ has no such sporting theme and instead gives a nod to a famous film.

Like The Hoodlab’s droplist, Wear? will keep it short and sweet as it reviews the ‘In the Lab’ collection from the Manchester-based brand.



In what is the standout piece of the ‘In The Lab’ release, the Hoodlab takes inspiration from the 1990 American crime film ‘Goodfellas’. With international recognition, a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a nod to the current culture, involving hustling, money and luxury, The Hoodlab’s take on the film is relatable, notable and unique.

The ‘bootleg’ appearance, taking the original film poster and making it their own, also merges with the current trend in fashion. Gucci, Vetements and Heron Preston have all found a place in the industry during recents times through the use of bootlegs and Hoodlab’s nod to the 1990s is no different.

The item, £35.00, through the use of an iconic imagery and relevant word-play, will ‘get you feeling like Tommy DeVito’, just as the Manchester brand describe it to.

Styling: Black t-shirts can go with the lot and this one from Hoodlab is no different. As the brand suggest, a loose fit is best. The Hoodlab partner this piece with white trousers yet with black Dickies, it would look stealthy.

With the red text, the Dickies featuring red patches would also work cohesively.

Wear or don’t care? Certainly, wear. This t-shirt is unique and cool as shit, it was in the basket before it dropped.



A less creative but more staple piece of The Hoodlab’s drop list comes in the ‘Broadcast Forest Green’ tee. With orange HD screen printing revealing ‘Hoodlab’ on the front and their logo on the back, it’s well branded but not overly branded – there is a difference.

The white text on the front reads ‘TO THE WORLD’ as the Manchester brand claim this piece is ‘sending Hoodlab to the fucking world’.

While simple, the colours make the piece stand out and, as the picture shows, allow a platform for the Skepta x Nike v1s to stand out. The forest green aiding the dimmed copper on the SkAirs.

Styling: As just mentioned, the forest green goes well with Skepta’s Nike collaboration, while the black cargos worn by the model also work. Carhartt WIP leather Aviation pants would create a strong army attire appearance.

Wear or don’t care? Wear. While the ‘Broadcast Forest Green’ t-shirt didn’t have as much appeal as the ‘Hoodfellas’ design, it’s still an alternative colour that opens up a range of fits.



Identical to the ‘Broadcast Forest Green’ colourway, this t-shirt dons pink branding against a backdrop of light blue. Again, The Hoodlab nailed the color scheme creating another stand-out item, but this piece is slightly harder to pull off such is the vibrant nature of the pink.

Styling: Matching light blue socks and the original Nike Reacts would work nicely due to the shoes being transparent while the white trousers the model is wearing work with the pink, while black would create a sharp contrast.

Wear or don’t care? Wear, just. While the t-shirt and colour scheme is strong, it’s not the easiest to style and with winter ahead, light blue isn’t the one. Still gets the Wear? approval though.

All Image Rights reserved by The Hoodlab.

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