The Making of ‘Influence Pt II’: Wear? Archives interviews Bad Influence

With capsule collections arising from Bad Influence in 2015, the brand has come along way to get to where they are today. Summarised as “trial and error along with persistence”, the brand has developed a strong image and consistent message. But, how did they get to this point? Wear? Archives spoke to Bad Influence (@badinfluenceltd) to find out.

“We started off selling tees and hoods to our mates at school but this has developed into a platform for expressing ourselves through fashion and sharing our reflections on the world around us with a community that finds self-expression so important.”

That community is now over 6,000 members strong, people identifying with the subtle branding and creative ideology of those behind Bad Influence. Yet the brand hope people relate to aspects of their clothing that not many in streetwear offer.

“Our brooding aesthetic is transcended through a pessimistic outlook on relationships, popular culture, and authority and this is something we hope will grow into a movement of expression people can get behind.”

In line with their name, the brands anti-mainstream aesthetic positively goes against the current culture, with consumers wearing messages unrelated to their opinions and thoughts, Bad Influence encourages those who think alike to themselves to become part of the movement.


The ‘Headshot’ design is a stand-out figure in their aesthetic. The blank-faced man pictured with a target on his forehead comes as a powerful statement, but one that strikes a chord with those unsatisfied in the mainstream market. Influencers on Instagram have led this wave of fashion, with controversial images on clothing becoming part of streetwear’s underground, view Pleasures and IgnoredPrayers for proof, and Bad Influence is truly part of this movement also.

The ‘Godfather Tee’ also falls in line with the strong rebellious aesthetic portrayed by the brand.

“The ‘Influence collection Pt: II is the sequel to our first main collection. We wanted to continue to draw inspiration from popular culture and “bad Influence’s” in daily life.” – Bad Influence on their second collection.

However, the brand utilised the strong image they’d created with their statement pieces to create an aura around their minimalist items.

The ‘Rhinestone Set’ and ‘Influence Logo’ range are basic pieces on paper but protrude the aesthetic that runs so strongly behind the brand.

“The designs we created are fairly minimalistic but each have their own importance to the collection. We have aimed to reflect our inspiration in the way we have present this collection to our customers.”

Bad Influence haven’t just settled for a sold-out first drop and a creative follow-up, the future is in mind.

“The reaction, in the early stages of the release, has been very good, people seem to appreciate the style and makeup of the collection. After the ‘Influence Collection Pt: II’, there are a couple of capsules in the pipeline over the following months.”

It remains to be seen what is coming from Bad Influence, but if it’s anything along the lines to their ‘Influence Pt: II’ drop, it will be special.

“Our vision is to articulate our perceptions on life through our clothes and share these with people who feel the same.”

With the number of people relating to the brand at over 6,000 and growing, Bad Influence have tapped into a part of streetwear uncatered for, and with the forward-thinking and creative mentality they have partnered with alternative perceptions, the brand movement is only getting stronger.

Bad Influence speaking to Wear? Archives.

Images courtesy of Bad Influence.

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