Piece by Piece: Bad Influence, The ‘Influence Pt: II’ drop review


After the sell-out successes of their first two drops, Australian brand Bad Influence released the pre-order drop for their ‘Influence Pt II’. Releasing nine products, featuring hoodies, t-shirts and track pants, the brand brought a large variety in their third collection.

Bad Influence stuck to their roots, creating a number of minimalist designs and dark graphics. References to mobster film The Godfather and a unique headshot sketch give the drop a creative edge when compared to their previous collections.

The previous drop featured a ‘Bad Company Corrupts Good Character’ messages dotted on numerous products along with basic ‘INFLUENCE’ branding. Yet, the following release added more creativity, graphic diversity and alternating materials.

Wear? Magazine reviews the most notable pieces from the ‘Influence Pt II’:


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One of the standout products in Bad Influence’s drop, mainly because it comes in a vibrant red, contrasting the black, dark theme throughout the rest of the collection, is the Headshot Hoodie.

Reminiscent of the OVO Revenge Hoodies, the text increases in size around the graphic that features a target on the forehead of a faceless person.

The graphic, that is also present on a white tee, pushes boundaries at the same time as remaining subtle enough to wear casually.

Styling: The white tee can be paired with almost any trousers such is the minimalist design and purposeful lack of colour, Obey Fubar trousers would work well.

However, the red hoodie can’t be thrown on as easy. The colour needs contrast or collaboration. Black, work or track, pants provide enough contrast or vibrant red Adidas Adibreak Track pants would partner the red to complete a bloody vibe.

Wear or don’t care? Wear. Fans of the white tee more than the red hoodie but both don the graphic that rates so highly.


It’s a black tee, yet it combines film and fashion. The 1972 movie directed by Francis Ford  Coppola considered one of the greatest films of all time, The Godfather, features heavily on Bad Influence’s mind here.

Taking the puppeteer graphic and placing it on the “Influence” text aside a black and white image of The Godfather’s face, links ties to Don Vito Corleone’s empire.

The current bootleg trend in streetwear falls in line with this piece from Bad Influence, showing their know-how of the industry.

Styling: In line with the dark mobster storyline of the film, a full blackout is the only way to go here with cargo black pants the clear choice.

Wear or don’t care? Wear. Having seen the movie or not, Wear? rates The Godfather and references to it are only be perceived similarly. This design comes across clean and unique.


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By far the most creative piece in terms of the materials used, the Rhinestone Hoodie is an insane way to make a simply branded item unique.

Reflecting light and flashes from cameras, the hoodie is a standout and is Wear? Magazine’s most highly rated item from the drop. The simplicity of the print is the key, not overdoing the rhinestone effect and not adding any other print, which would distract from the centrepiece materials, impresses the most.

Styling: Anything. Having little colour allows it to be paired with almost all pants. Featuring sparkling rhinestones, jewelry is needed. PS, don’t wear any body-bags that would cover the text.

Wear or don’t care? Wear. The rhinestone is cool and subtle and the branding is minimal, it’s a flex without flexing.

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