Wear? Reviews: VT Studios’ ‘Ski Mask the Slump God’ graphic tee

Screenshot 2018-10-28 at 20.18.00Arriving on the scene in 2014 following his release from prison, Ski Mask the Slump God’s meteoric rise to fame alongside the late XXXTentacion has left the former with a fan base of over 3.3m followers on Instagram.

Ski Mask now has many fan accounts in his name and people reposting his tracks all over the internet, yet, one unique item produced by VT Studios stands out from the rest.

In the form of a vintage t-shirt, VT have created not only a tribute to Ski Mask, but also a remembrance of XXX.

Josh Coogan, creator of VT, says that a tribute to X was the purpose of the tee.

“The tee was inspired by XXXTentacion and Ski Mask the Slump God, as a duo they were sick. My favourite artist is X, but I didn’t want to profit off his death, so by making a Ski Mask shirt was the best way to show my love for the duo.

“I wanted a vintage style tee but I couldn’t find a Ski Mask t-shirt, that led me to create my own.”

After the design was complete and the product was launched, VT sent Wear? Archives a tee, here’s what we think of it:


It’s not often that one t-shirt can bring together the whole livelihood of an individual, but VT’s design collects key parts of Ski Mask’s upcoming and fuses them together seamlessly.


From the ongoing acknowledgements of the importance of money in the rapper’s image to the dark purple, codeine colour in the backdrop of the design, Ski Mask’s character is summarised perfectly.

Three images, from different eras in the musician’s life, show signs of Ski Mask’s come up while the crowd in the background demonstrates what stage of his life the rapper is currently at.

With the design covering more than three-quarters of the shirt, it’s bold, stand-out, and unique.


Black t-shirts generally go well with most colours, yet, due to the dark, hood feel to this tee, staying with the black colour scheme works best.

With the tee being short sleeves, a dark plain long sleeve underneath and black pants create a Ski Mask-esque style, especially as the product fits slightly over-sized.

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. Although Wear? Archives isn’t the biggest fan of the rapper, the unique design allows the wearer to link with Ski Mask as an individual as oppose to a musician.

The references to Benjamin Franklins fits the ‘Soundcloud rapper’ style currently in fashion and provides an alternative focus from Ski Mask, although the rapper is by far the main attention throughout.

Shop the ‘Ski Mask’ tee here.

Thank you to VNT Studios for sending this product to Wear? Archives. 

Images courtesy of VNT Studios (@VNT_Studios).

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