‘Open your eyes’: Wear? Magazine interviews 3rd World Livin

IMG_5578It’s not often that a brand slates their surroundings, yet 3rd World Livin revolve around showing those in first world countries the life of the poorer society, and people are clicking with it.

“Basically, I started the brand as a way to help people open their eyes about society. I really just want to make an impact on other and leave a legacy”
Inspired by anti-establishment, 3rd World Livin produces items with a much deeper meaning behind them. Avoiding modern-day slavery and avoiding the matrix, the brand aims to break free. Jahseh Jones, one of the two designers, says it perfectly.

“When you look, you can just see what’s going on, fuck all their shit, we are still like slaves you know, don’t think we’re not!

“From an off the grid island in the Caribbean who has been brought here and the only language I speak is English, I am colonised, I’m the first generation here and I’m looking around like what the fuck is this, I’m not supposed to be here.

“I’m looking at the system and all this non-freedom we have, there’s a camera every second I just think this is mad! Like it’s a proper matrix that we are in everyone’s rushing around trying to get the flyest clothes and no-one is checking what’s really important out here.

“Life’s short, we have no time for being a slave or letting people around us be slaves to the system. The goal is to break people free and open their eyes!”


And, with an Instagram bio stating: “1st world country but 3rd world livin”,the message is clear. But aside from challenging social norms and educating others, there’s a lot more going on at 3rd World Livin.

With over 7,000 followers, despite having only posted 13 times, the buzz around the brand is immense, and the community being created is solid.

A cult following and vibe around 3rd World Livin is an aim of Jahseh’s, yet the legacy is in the potential for parties and BMX team trips with the following behind the brand.

“There is a lot of coming from this brand, a lot of community work and getting involved with everyone by doing a lot of events like skatepark jams.”

Giveaways, secret drops and themed releases are also expected and following the sell-out success of the last drop, things are only going up for 3rd World Livin.

Jahseh likened the support for the release to that of what a family offers one of their relatives and the demand for the clothing only furthers the label’s ability to spread their message and improve awareness about the topics, like anti-establishment, that are closest to their hearts.

“To be honest, it did feel pretty good, it’s not even the selling out that felt best it’s the part that people actually fuck with the whole idea behind the brand. This is why I’m doing so many giveaways because I like to give back and they deserve it!”

While dreams of a Supreme collaboration wait in the wings, the brand is on to something special, and it’s here for the long-term, with Jahseh 16-years-old, a vision is in place and 3rd World Livin stands for something ahead of Jahseh’s age and ahead of their time.

Jahseh Jones speaking for 3rd World Livin to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of 3rd World Livin (@3rd.world.livin).

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