The streetwear scene from an influencer’s perspective:​ Wear? Magazine interviews Bbyekra

A lot can happen in a year, and a lot more can happen if you connect with the right people and have an abundance of creativity that makes you stand out from the crowd. Helene Ekra, who goes by the Instagram name @bbyekra, has just that.

The now Instagram-influencer began posting fit-pics on Instagram about a year ago, with her 1,000-likes breakthrough coming early December 2017, and she has gone onto accumulate over 79,000 followers since.

“I dress how my emotions are that day. If I feel blue, I’ll find a colour-coordinated blue outfit. I inspire myself by looking back at how I’ve dressed and what I can do differently.”

Yet, everyone dresses in clothes that match their mood, just check the Instagram explore page. How did Bbyekra manage to make herself so unique?

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“I like to create living art with how I dress and the pictures I can create. People love the art I express and it’s really fun to see that others appreciating it.

“This passion for fashion made me want to meet people with the same interests, so I attended fashion weeks and suddenly I’m an ambassador for a fabulous brand called Sørli Walin here in Norway at the House of Høyer.”

Bbyekra’s individually inspired dress sense is one stand-out factor of her Instagram appearance, but her ability to step away from the current trend in the search for creating her own wave is immaculate.

Not feeling any pressure to fall to the theme of her surroundings, Helene believes the fact she makes her own trends is what makes her the influencer she’s become.

“If you start following all the trends you’ve seen on other people, you are projecting someone else’s style.”

One trend Bbyekra has claimed as her own is the use of colourful sunglasses to complete an outfit. In an interview with i-D, Helene said she has over 30 pairs of glasses.

“Sunglasses are the easiest way to put the cherry on top of an outfit. I think the collection has doubled since then [the i-D interview], I love changing colours and styles every day!”

Bbyekra also takes inspiration and finds up and coming labels from a close community of friends on Instagram.



“I find a lot of brands and trends via my influencer-friends on Instagram. There are so many cool online shops all around the world with different aesthetics and styles, which helps me expand my style.”

And, with her huge following, brands now reach out to her for publicity, yet, Helene is adamant she’s never collaborated with a label she doesn’t support. Instead, she uses her platform to only expose what she can stand behind.

At the moment, there are two underground streetwear brands on her mind: Flava Oslo and Sørli Walin. Her love for the former comes from her youth.

“My friends and I used to shop knee long skate-hoodies at Flava Oslo when we were little 15-year-old gangsters. They have really cool oversized male clothing and the cosiest tracksuits.”

The other brand Helene mentioned, Sørli Walin, is set to form a huge part of the influencer’s 2019. As an ambassador, her role is to promote the brand as well as helping them in their creative process.

Her work with the Norwegian label is set to drop in fall, with Wear? Magazine being given an exclusive presale link.

“I have two really cool hoodies being released this fall which I’m really excited about! I actually have a presale campaign which you are the first to know of. The website is and we’ll release the items on there!”

Yet, there’s a visit to New York for the Fashion Week beforehand. Helene urges people that see her come and talk. Anyone who does will see how tuned into the fashion world she is.

When quizzed about tokenism in fashion, Helene states that her country has given her a platform to model as opposed to restricting her.

“In Norway, there is a modern view of women’s liberty, so there are few barriers. Luckily, I haven’t experienced tokenism to that degree. Here, women can use their aesthetic and look to further their career, which I think is positive!”

And the desire to use her surroundings to boost her status in the fashion realm is obvious. With a passion to be in pictures and directing them, her mind is full of ideas.

“As a female in this culture, it’s important to create content outside of just modelling, beauty and aesthetics. I want to work both in front of the camera and behind it because I have so much creative energy I need to express.”

It’s been a stellar rise to ‘Instagram influencer’ status and any barriers in the way, not that Bbyekra has noticed them, have been destroyed as her imagination and unique take on fashion separates her from the thousands that post fit-pics.

It’s not just fit-pics though and her influence in all areas of the creative processes involved in fashion will only become increasingly apparent as the year moves on.

Helene Ekra speaking to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of Helene Ekra (@bbyekra).



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