The brand breaking the norm: Wear? Magazine interviews KNDN Clothing

Avoiding social surroundings and escaping the normal way of life isn’t the first thing people think of when the question ‘why did you create a clothing brand?’ is aired. Yet, for those involved with KNDN, it’s a fundamental motivation.

“All over the country, especially in Manchester, there are people consistently creating new concepts and designs for their brands, however, in the south-west of England, it seems as if life is constricted to working a regular day job.

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“I cannot imagine anything worse. I’d rather spend the next ten years of my life slaving for this brand, than the next fifty in a five days a week job struggling to make ends meet,” Jack Kingdon, owner of KNDN, told Wear? Magazine.

And, this need to break the norm whilst halting social constructs finds its way into the label’s design.

KNDN aim to create clothing that helps influence consumerism. One that takes away the power of a brand name and instead places increased emphasis into the creative developments behind design.

“There is a need for a creative influence that helps consumers recognise how much more value is added to a t-shirt when there is a cultured story behind the design.

“People just go out and look for popular name brands, with no actual regard to the quality.”

KNDN want to help rid the 400% mark-ups and £300 price-tags from the streetwear scene. And, to do this, the label is producing products with strong back-stories.

“There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing someone spend £300 on a blank t-shirt because of the tag inside when that money could’ve been invested, spent on better-designs or even to start a new business.”

The recently launched ‘Welcome to Trapan’ collection takes dominant colours and shapes from Japanese culture and incorporates them into a creative series. The design sold out on their site.

“The latest collection is formed from strong colours that are dominant in Japan. We have also incorporated the use of certain shapes into these designs.”

Towards the back end of 2018, the brand was working on their artistic vision, closing the site to focus fully on upcoming unique designs.

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 17.15.34

As well as international influences, KNDN’s production process is further developed by music also.

In that regard, KNDN appear as a mulitdisciplinary label, using their Instagram to promote upcoming artists that catch their attention. The brand have outlined IAMDDB, Octavian, Ocean Wisdom, Just Banco, among others so far.

“Our music taste doesn’t just influence our designs, it also helps our audience discover artists that are changing the game.

“We deliver a passionate clothing brand and give our fans the opportunity to discover new music.”

Partnering sound and style, KNDN’s vision, one that aims to change the face of fashion, is impressive and if the label is to bring forward musical talent and the UK’s south west scene during their progress, it will deserve all the plaudits.

Jack Kingdon on behalf of KNDN Clothing speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of KNDN Clothing (@kndnuk).

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