Skating, streets and style: Wear? Magazine interviews Baby Wax

Skating brands are at the heart of streetwear. Palace lead the UK scene, while Supreme are the focal point in America. Yet, dig deeper and there’s a whole realm of creativity emerging from boarders. From SEX to Penny, streetwear is infused with influence from those who spend their time on four wheels.

And in Portland, Oregon, fashion is no different. Baby Wax have developed a strong community since their birth and skateboarding is at the hub of it.

Shonan Alvarado told Wear? Magazine: “The label started as a skateboard wax brand to help people grind easier but after I started making merch, people took more attention to it and began liking the clothes more than the wax.”

Baby Wax’s shift away from creating wax has been met with immense support. The label’s Instagram following has shot past the 1,000 landmark and after the most recent drop, the only thought is onwards and upwards.


“Our vision is making the clothes that can’t be found in stores and seeing it on people all around the city.

“The label wants to appeal to people that aren’t afraid to cross boundaries, take risks and make mistakes because those are the people who have the best stories. If our customer can’t be put into a certain box, then neither can our clothes.”

Inspiration from the 80s and 90s culture is prominent in Baby Wax’s creations, highlighting the free-flowing oversized t-shirts and punk movement as two of the key motivators behind the designs.

… childhood also has a huge impact on the brand’s ideas. With a tattoo-artist as a father and a hard-working, determined mother, Baby Wax incorporates all the qualities that have surrounded the owner during his youth.

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 15.27.16

The brand’s first drop demonstrated this immensely.

“The release was about Baby Wax expanding the label’s artistic range and it was great. The customers taught us a lot and it was nearly a sell-out success.

“Our debut release was about learning about costs and showing people our capabilities. In the future, customer critiques will be incorporated more prominently into the brand.”

Four new items have been created since Baby Wax’s inception, featuring an ‘OG’ beanie. More ‘OG’ content can be found on their Instagram in the form of a motto.

The brand have found meaning in three slogans, ones that describe Baby Wax and resonate with their target audience.

““Stay on your grind” describes how much work goes into this brand but also relates to the wax the skaters used because they have to stay on their grind… literally.

“Secondly, “be safe but stay dangerous” comes from having to watch your own back in business. Everyone that wears Baby Wax should spread positivity, be safe, but stand up for what you believe, be dangerous.

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 15.28.43.png

“And finally, another motto that could be coming up in the collection is “too weird to live but too rare to die”. This coordinates directly to the new 21st century age that is weird as f*ck”.”

If it isn’t clear by now that Baby Wax understand not only their customer base but the generation as a whole, maybe the brand isn’t one for you.

But those who understand and invest will find a community of similar, free-minded youths who have a label that sees themselves as “the only brand that can truly speak to this generation of misunderstood teens” and has been incredibly successful in doing so during their existence.

Shonan Alvarado on behalf of Baby Wax speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Baby Wax (@babywaxbrand).

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