Wear? Reviews: Comme Je Veux’s ‘Motto’ Hoodie

‘Born from the marriage of the Parisian arts & Manchester street style’, Comme Je Veux continue to produce ethical clothing with a consistent brand image and immense quality having recently surpassed the 1,000 Instagram followers landmark.

This achievement encapsulates a strong start to 2019 for the Manchester label, having utilised Paris Fashion Week to its maximum, coming in strong with collaborative work with Skitzo Worldwide and creating a diverse range of imagery from spots around the French capital.

Alongside this work, Comme Je Veux’s ‘Motto’ collection provided people with a subtle but much-needed range from the label.

The brand’s director, Henry Lowe, believes this collection is essential to the brand.

“It was all about us simplifying and refining our products, looking to create a CJV uniform so to speak. The motto print helps describe the foundations of the brand and the core inspiration behind it.”

Wear? Archives has seen Comme Je Veux go from 200 followers to Paris, to this collection. After spotting the constant support, Comme Je Veux showed love with the ‘Motto’ Hoodie, here’s how it rated:


As previously alluded to, the motto print reflects the foundations of Comme Je Veux and embroidered into the grey fabric, the logo is subtle while standing out in the brand’s vibrant yellow colour.

The fact that every word on the exterior of the fabric is embroidered displays Comme Je Veux strong grasp of quality and adds much more to the item than if it were screen-printed.

Yet, despite the immense quality and attention to detail, the design of this piece is deeper than what is presented on the fabric.

“We attempt to find the most eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics and garments. If we are unable to do so, we make sure to let our customers know this and give further advice as to how to prevent unnecessary fashion waste or environmentally damaging side effects”

Comme Je Veux acknowledge this environmental design process may be counter-intuitive and push potential customers away, but instead, it creates a consumer connection with the brand.

Supporters become obliged to back the brand through its eco-friendly nature over other less sustainable labels, only adding to the impressive design behind the ‘Motto’ Hoodie.



The simplicity in terms of the design and colour allows a variety of angles and fits. The yellow is vibrant but not oppressive in a way that creates any colour-clashes.

Yet, the yellow can be used to its advantage with Jordan 1 New Love set to partner the hoodie well through matching tones.

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. Comme Je Veux’s ‘Motto’ Hoodie is an item almost impossible to take off. The material and subtle branding make it easy to partner with anything from trackies to work-wear.

Knowing that the item is produced in the most planet-friendly way only adds a further necessity to wear it.

Shop the ‘Motto’ hoodie here, out now.

Thank you to Comme Je Veux for sending this product to Wear? Archives. 

Images courtesy of Comme Je Veux (@cjv.mcr).

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