Wear? Reviews: Bokwe’s first release of 2019

There’s complexity in simplistic design. And, as a high-end label, Bokwe achieves exactly that.

IMG_9476With a strong emphasis on quality, it’s clear to see from the brand’s Instagram that their products are impressive. Yet, dig deeper into the Bokwe’s design process and the complexity is uncovered.

The materials used are three times more expensive than regular imports, but it’s for good reason. Bokwe value the planet, value others’ livelihoods and value environmentally friendly practices.

The label does all this whilst creating impressive t-shirts and Wear? Archives managed to get their hands on one of them, here’s what we thought:


Bokwe’s creator Isaac Igbokwe said: “There’s a real dedication in the details. This stems from design to quality to fit all of it”, and that statement bares truth.


The t-shirt fits perfectly to size and has a high-end air about it.

In regards to the graphic, Bokwe contrast against the current trends of loud and brash branding in order to create a subtle staple piece that stands on its own.

Coming in a strong blue tone, the t-shirt is noticeable without being in your face. The gold branding provides a sophisticated nod to Bokwe’s title.


With its fitted nature and shorter sleeves, Bokwe’s first release of 2019 suits skinnier attire.

Black skinny jeans would leave the focus on the t-shirt’s design while a blank shoe silhouette is a necessity.

“I wanted to do a design like this in my original release but I was a newbie so didn’t have the expertise to execute something like this. But now I’ve gone back to the first dream and introduced gold into the mix to give a subtle distinct look” – Isaac Igbokwe

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. Bokwe have gone back to the drawing board at the start of 2019 and returned impressively, improving on their original branded t-shirt.

The blue is strong and carries itself, bringing the golden text with it noticeably. This t-shirt is subtle and perfect for anyone with a liking for the high-end style.

Shop the Bokwe’s first release here, out now.

Thank you to Bokwe for sending this product to Wear? Archives. 

Images courtesy of Bokwe (@bokweofficial).

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