The influencer who came from nothing: Wear? Magazine interviews Lucas Wright

Influencer culture has exploded over the past decade, with the likes Kylie Jenner and ASAP Rocky at the heart of it. Yet, micro-influencing has recently gained popularity, especially within the fashion industry.

Magnus Ronning, Gully Guy Leo and Bbyekra all began as a micro-influencer across different​ platforms and now have active fanbases due to their unique style. In 2019, there are a multitude of people posing in front of doorways or at tube-stops for fit-pics, many merging into each other, failing to display their uniqueness.

Yet, Lucas Wright, a model based in British isolation, hours away from the main cities, has found a way to demonstrate his style despite a lack of opportunities.

“There aren’t many people that have the same interests where I’m based, I am hours away from the cities so if any opportunities arise, whether its working with a brand or a photographer, it’s far for me to travel still I try to meet as many people as I can and build good relationships.”

Instead of being disheartened, Lucas, who goes by the name @_pukes_ on Instagram, takes inspiration from his surroundings.

“As I am from a small town, there’s not many landmarks or much scenery. I like to use that in my favour, being motivated by rougher and abandoned places. I get inspired by long walks, whether it’s through an old trainline or graveyard.

Screenshot 2019-03-28 at 16.36.21

“My style matches this, I mix some high-end with streetwear to show both sides. If you’re not wealthy, it’s hard to get designer gear you may want. I try to show it’s not about the money spent, it’s how you style it.”

And, finding the brands to match his style comes easy to Lucas.

“I keep updated on Instagram, however, I try not to follow trends and just wear what I feel comfortable in.

“You couldn’t pay me to wear something I don’t like as I wouldn’t be staying true to myself and to me that’s the most important thing”

The model has worked many streetwear brands including HumansWithAttitude, KidsOfBrokenFuture and Euphoric Misery, his brother’s label, and has his sights on a collaboration with MinusTwo, Gramm and DonCare, three leaders in the underground streetwear scene.

His taste has strong ties to labels from Russia, the likes of Sputnik and Gosha Rubchinskiy highlighted as a few of his favourites, but it’s clear to see from the array of brands mentioned that Lucas has an eye for good design.


Many would think this ability to spot strong aesthetics would’ve been distorted as his popularity grew and more brands started to reach out to him. The only issue he’s accounted along his journey to 28,000 Instagram followers is what content to produce.

“I feel pressure in the sense of if my content doesn’t match the brand I’m representing, however, I think it’s good for a brand to have a variety of people and styles attached to them to show it’s not just for certain people.

As 2019 ploughs on, Lucas’ portfolio continues to expand, his style continues to evolve and his relationships in the fashion industry are thriving. The ‘Instagram influencer’ provides the platform, and underground streetwear labels, what can be achieved if you maintain a sharp eye for style and separate yourself from the rest.

Lucas Wright speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Lucas Wright (@_pukes).

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