‘Finishing what my grandmother started’: Wear? Magazine interviews Madonna’s Revenge

Not everyone’s grandma has Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Tadoe wearing items of clothing produced in their name, yet Madonna’s Revenge has managed exactly that.

“Yes my grandma loves what I’m doing with my clothes!”

Founded by Lil Shelton in 2016, the rapper-turned-designer has managed to create an insane buzz off a project his grandma undertook long before he was alive.

“Madonna is my grandma’s name and she didn’t make it in fashion so I see myself as her looking for revenge!

“That’s why I started the brand because my grandma didn’t get famous and I was like f*ck it, let me do it for her and made my clothes more dark and gothic.”

Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 13.58.11

These clothes, for the past three years, have only been availble to esteemed names. Along with the aforementioned Hoodrich Pablo and Tadoe, A$AP Tyy and Cold Hart have donned Madonna’s Revenge.

This has always been the plan for Lil Shelton’s label, though.

“At the time I didn’t have money to open a website to everyone so I would always promote it to the people and only sell to famous people.

“More people come [gain interest] and the people from 2016 stay around. They wait because I post someone big getting my clothes and the items are about to drop.”

Madonna’s Revenge first public collection was recently released and true to Lil Shelton’s word, it is dark and gothic.

Lightning, space and deconstructed typography make up the drop which featured three t-shirts and a pair of trousers.

Screenshot 2019-03-30 at 13.58.34

The inspiration behind the clothing doesn’t appear to be from a musical background, yet, Lil Shelton is constantly incorporating rap with his attire.

“Music, you can show everything that you’re going through and people can relate it’s a good feeling but then you got fashion, everyone always be wanting fly clothing.

“I feel like my brand will always be there, long break or not, if it pops back up it’s fly shit so people are going to want it.”

And people do want it, in fact, the public has been waiting three years to get their hands on Madonna’s Revenge. Well, to the delight of many, it’s finally here, fully charged and fully fire.

Lil Shelton, on behalf of Madonna’s Revenge, speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Madonna’s Revenge (@madonnasrevengeclothing).

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