The label combining architecture and individuality with a dose of streetwear: Wear? Magazine interviews Reclusionism

Attending design school doesn’t mean that you are going to be a successful designer, but with a close team around you, a strong vision and an eye for strong aesthetics, the chances of failure are pretty slim.

Darryl Guilbeaux, the founder and creative director at Reclusionism, has proved exactly that.

“I’m big on quality and not just what materials are used, it’s really about what was put into the garment & time and effort,” Darryl tells Wear? Magazine, “99% of the local brands in my area have seen have Gildan tags and it’s like they don’t even own their brand Gildan does…”

This sense for quality springs from his strong education and willingness to learn. Reclusionism draws on time spent as an architect student while gaining direction and advice from fashion design lecturers.

“I’m a former architecture student, so I really love to apply simple engineering and architecture concepts to my designs.

“It gives more of an artsy vibe, gives it a deeper meaning than just clothes.” 

The brand is set to release its first edition of the year in the form of the SS19 range. Launching on 28 May, it celebrates the first year of the label’s existence whilst also being the birthday of owner Darryl.

“Over 12 months, I’ve released about four collections consisting of about 6-12 pieces each. These designs consisted of archived concepts made before Reclusionism was even public. Now its time for more structured Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter collections.”

Such work rate has impressed, and Darryl isn’t without the motivation to continue his, and his label’s, drive to succeed.

“I kind of felt destined to be in fashion, from way back when I was vlogging with my mother.Screenshot 2019-05-16 at 19.38.11

“To me, making clothes is like a cigarette habit. I have to do it or I literally start to freak out. It’s almost like a therapy.”

This need to design has developed through architecture studies, time spent as a graphic designer making content for the likes of Chief Keef, Young Thug and Rick Ross and now finds itself in the streetwear realm.

“It took me a minute to find myself but when I did it was great because I could feel the intensity. It all made sense because to think back on things, my first fashion encounter was in about 2002. I was four years old and I loved to dress myself, even using my mother’s clothes.”

Being recluse is also ingrained in Darryl’s persona as much as fashion is. Teaching people that being ‘recluse’ can good as well as bad, the streetwear label aims to show people that it’s okay not to have 100s of friends or to not follow trends.

“I believe everyone has a life to live and you should be able to do exactly what you want. It’s your story.

“Only you can control what happens in your book. I really would love to encourage people to understand that they do not have to be a slave to the upper parties.”

Through 2019, Reclusionism will demonstrate this through pops-ups, fashion shows, installations, clothing, drops and much more. The brand fusing architecture and individuality with a dose of streetwear has an owner that’s found their calling, a mentality and history to succeed and designs that can’t be ignored.

Darryl Guilbeaux, on behalf of Reclusionism, speaking to Wear? Magazine

Images courtesy of Reclusionism (@reclusionism).


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