The label linking drug lords and football kits: Wear? Magazine interviews Wulf Corp

In a scene that’s consistently thriving, vintage clothing at university, it can be hard to find your feet as a retailer, yet, after a spell buying and selling clothes for a little extra cash, George Woodburn-Baker has created a brand that is both retro and unique.

Wulf Corp, a name that will instantly have you wondering ‘what the f*ck does that mean?’, have crafted a brand from a university bedroom.

“I was in the final of my civil engineering degree last summer in Leeds and I was buying and selling vintage clothing for a bit of extra money to pay for nights out,” George told Wear? Magazine.

“The issue was I would sell some nice pieces for a solid profit but because they were unique I’d never see them again.”


That’s when Wulf Corp came into creation. Instead of searching aimlessly for hard-to-find pieces, George made a brand to make exactly what he wanted. The name, though, took some development.

“At first, it sounds like an underworld corporation for something like Batman or Doctor but the original development was simply beginning with the German umlaut ‘ö’ so ‘Wölf Corporiation.

“However, I decided, after the launch and the success of ’The Harley Quinnoa’ drop, to spell it how it was pronounced in English which was Wulf.”

Following the name change, George utilised the support of Facebook groups such as The Basement and Wavey Garms to collect opinion and advice. This put him in touch with like-minded creatives, spurring on future drops.

A venture into retro football designs has by far proved Wulf Corp’s biggest success from an external viewpoint. Incorporating infamous icons, with ‘ESCOBAR’ emblazoned on the back of one design, the shirts are alike to nothing in the streetwear scene.

“I just felt the beauty of some of the old retro kits designs from the 80/90s would work well with historical figures for the unique obscure nature of it. We release them each year for summer and especially the festivals under the ‘World History Series’.”

And, there’s more football attire to come from Wulf Corp, with plans of a collaboration with a secret London based brand.

Elsewhere, the label is building on their passion for history and culture with pieces inspired by the Korean rave scene and an AW19 collection in the works.

In the meantime, though, Wulf Corp are seeing support from near and far. Local Leeds DJs are repping the brand in its hometown while techno names such as Fjaak and Palms Trax have donned their attire.

“I love the music they produce and listening to them mix so seeing them playing unreleased tracks in bits that’s I’ve produced, it does make you chuffed.”

From the connections with The Basement and Wavey Garms to large DJ names supporting the label, Wulf Corp are successfully pushing the very ideas that came from a university room in Leeds.

George Woodburn-Baker talking on behalf of Wulf Corp to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of Wulf Corp (@wulfcorp).

Socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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