Meet London’s top five streetwear labels

London’s streetwear scene is one of the best and most diverse in the world, with a hub of creatives working to tell their individual stories or represent their city.

While Palace is the hypebeast’s go-to London brand there are countless more talented labels pushing the culture.

Wear? Magazine introduces you to the (current) top five London streetwear labels:

Marino Morwood

When ASAP Rocky is spotted wearing one of your t-shirts, you know the pieces your producing are on point. Marino Morwood, the person, realised exactly that as his self-titled label was donned by the world-famous Harlem rapper.

The vintage rap t-shirt brand are perhaps the best in their niche worldwide, nevermind the UK, with designs featuring the Notorious B.I.G, Chief Keef and Tupac.

The label has gone onto to weigh in hard with some iconic designs centring Steve Jobs, Nigo and Denzel Washington. Marino Morwood’s production impressively pays homage to such legendary figures and the wave the designer has created whilst doing so is impressively admirable.

Visionary Studios

A brand with a flair for nailing a sarcastic tone backed-up with strong design aspects, Visionary Studios have had viral pieces, meaningful messages and success drop after drop.


The ‘I LOVE MY 9-5’ hoodie contrasts much of society’s thought process and acts as an anti-establishment statement whilst the ‘BLAME’ design provokes self-reflection.

The brand’s items consistently fit a unique rhetoric, challenging consumers and that is something Wear? support immensely.

Liam Hodges

Based out of Silvertown, the self-titled Liam Hodges label have had an immense impact on streetwear.

Screenshot 2019-09-25 at 10.31.18.png

Pushing experimental design and a virtual contemporary narrative, the brand blend colour exceptionally well, with countless stand-out pieces in every collection.

The highly-acclaimed London label has gained plaudits internationally, linking up with figures such as Hector Bellerin, whilst collaborating with brands like Topman and Ellesse.

Crowd London

Tom Austin’s Crowd have built up a strong portfolio of graphic tees that perfectly merge minimalist colouring with bold text.

The label continues to push classic imagery into the streetwear scene and each design seems to have been inspired from the past of the owner.

Crowd has been donned by Gully Guy Leo and Bakar, among many others who have clicked with the music, film and photography inspired pieces.

Minus Two UK

When every notable London influencer is repping a brand, you know there’s rightfully a buzz behind it.


Minus Two is that buzzing brand. Designed for ‘the rebels, misfits, non-conformists trouble makers’, the London label nails exactly that.

Streetside imagery, cigarettes and middle fingers accompany much of their branding whilst their products make statements that speak for themselves.

Extra mentions: Unknown UK, Localclo, Cetra Visions

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