The vibe that is dominating Australia’s streetwear scene: Wear? Magazine interviews Plastic Love

Founded from a flash of inspiration during a long shift, Plastic Love is now one of the frontrunners in Australia’s streetwear scene.

The label from Brisbane is looking to right the wrongs within the area’s fashion industry whilst putting their city on the map.

“It’s quite random how it all started. The idea just hit me at work one day. These two words came into my head. 

“It just fit together so well and now it’s turned into all of this. I knew from seeing the words together that this was it, it just felt right, and now here we are.”

With no previous experience in the fashion business, Plastic Love set out through trial and error to push their story.

Driven by the fact the Australian youth were looking overseas for inspiration, the Brisbane label wants to bring people’s attention back to their homeland.

“Australia isn’t behind on the streetwear scene but we certainly aren’t ahead. This isn’t to say the culture here is bad. In fact, the culture here is great, it’s the reason Plastic Love has gained the attention it has so quickly.

“I think people are seeing what Plastic Love offers and it’s even more accessible because it’s from here.”

There’s an inner love for Brisbane rooted deep within the label’s foundations and seeing Perth and Melbourne receiving more attention and acclaim drives it forward.

The ultimate aim: when people think Plastic Love, they think Brisbane.

“There is so much talent in this city, shout out to everyone I have worked with so far. I see it and work with it on a daily basis, and bringing that out through my brand is something that motivates me a lot.”

And that motivation has been reciprocated by a dose of support worldwide. 7000 fans have seen sell-out successes since the first drop in 2018.

Plastic Love brings its own mood to the streetwear scene, and it’s something that is instantly noticed. Across the website is ‘If you are boring, you don’t belong here’ plastered in a bold red.

The brand is founded on being different and if that’s not what some people are after then the label is better off without them. Plastic Love, instead, is creating a community of like-minded individuals, represented through the designs and culture.

“Everything is produced based on feeling, not catering to what people will just like because it’s trending.

“People will have a connection with the clothing and have it fit their personal vibes. They like different, we are all different and this is what Plastic Love brings to the table.”

That vibe fuses together love, heartbreak, guns, puns and so much more. And, the aura created by Plastic Love has given it its own destination and the people are loving where the label has been, and the direction it is heading.

Plastic Love speaking to Wear? Magazine.

Images courtesy of Plastic Love (@plastic__love).

Socials: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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