Wear? Reviews: Drama Call’s ‘SEND HELP’ T-shirt

Ahead of their Ca$h For Gold Collection, Drama Call have provided fans with a limited edition ‘SEND HELP’ t-shirt in response to coronavirus and world affairs.

The release was free to the first 50 people that copped. Wear? Archives was amongst those who got their hands on the product, here’s how we rated it:


Created to raise awareness around the ongoing situation the world finds itself in, Drama Call’s ‘SEND HELP’ graphic does exactly that.

Bold, to the point and simple, the large black text on the chest of the white tee achieves its aims instantly.

Yet, being an open statement, unattached but relevant to coronavirus, the design has longevity far beyond the current crisis.


Slightly larger than traditional sizing, Drama Call’s simple colour palette allows the tee to be worn across any style.

Black denims or cargos would follow suit with the tee’s colourway whilst adding any red would create a hard ‘SOS’ vibe.

Gold rings, including the brand’s very new jewellery, would find itself contrasting well.

It’s likely, however, that this tee will pair frequently with joggers given the lockdown circumstances.

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. A message very relevant right now, but one that can be linked to situations way beyond the present day, Drama Call have again shown how well they can create in new and current climates.

The Manchester-based label have not only provided a free t-shirt, they’ve created an item that embeds itself in any culture, making a statement at all times.

Thank you to Drama Call for sending this product to Wear? Archives. 

Images courtesy of Taiwovstheworld (@taiwovstheworld).

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