Absurd Clothing pay Pop Smoke’s legacy homage with an icy vintage t-shirt

Long live Pop Smoke. The late Brooklyn born rapper made a rapid and unique imprint on the rap industry with modern-day classic after classic.

Passing devastatingly early, his legacy lives on stronger than ever. His latest album release has left fans with more Smoke material whilst his key tracks, such as ‘Dior’ & ‘Welcome to the Party’ will never die.

One brand that have recognised the artist’s impact is Absurd Clothing, dropping their homage to him recently on their site and ASOS marketplace.

Sending one Wear? Archives way, here’s what we thought of the UK label’s take on Pop Smoke’s legacy:


Vintage rap tees have become integral to streetwear over recent years and Absurd Clothing have dedicated their addition to the game to a legend.

The design matches Pop Smoke’s status. Creating an icy aesthetic with the late rapper at the centrepiece, the tee is as cold as Smoke’s verses.

Surrounding by diamonds, homage to the artist’s extravagance is paid whilst the roses at the bed of the design commemorate his early passing.

Absurd Clothing have added their own twist, recreating the rapper’s famous ‘Faith’ tattoo in their name, subtly placing it above the eyelid.

The brand consolidate the t-shirts ice-driven design with their reimagined logo, spanning below Smoke’s profile. Underlined in ice, with the noticeable reversed ‘S’, Pop Smoke’s name in a clean, crisp font contradicts the detail in ‘ABSURD’ perfectly.

The Absurd experience is completed by solid packaging. Placed in a premium shipping boxes taped in branded mailing tape.

The team show their love for people supporting them with a letter of thanks whilst their dye-cut, vinyl-laminated stickers are a welcome extension of the tee’s aesthetic.

The products come with the environment in mind which adds further interest to their luxury, organic t-shirt.


The t-shirt is oversized which helps lend itself to a specific fit.

Partnered with baggy track pants with 3M down the leg would provide a flash along the ice, whilst jewellery, as Pop Smoke would don, is needed to complete the fit.

With wide sleeves, a similarly baggy white tee would work too.

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. Featuring such a legend in such an icy way, this tee is a definite cop for Pop Smoke fans. Absurd Clothing’s entrance into the rap tee has set a high bar with the Brooklyn-born rapper paid tribute in a way that demonstrates the rapper’s lifestyle and interests in a recognisably Absurd way.

Thank you to Absurd Clothing for sending this product to Wear? Archives. 

Images courtesy of Absurd Clothing (@absurdclothing2017).

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