Permanent create an inside-out, eco-friendly, impactful ‘Planet Permanent’ t-shirt

Putting the planet first by placing pressure on our consumerist habits, Permanent’s organic cotton ‘Planet Permanent’ t-shirt does the aforementioned so successfully.

The Netherlands label have been at the forefront of underground streetwear’s push for a change in perspective, leading campaigns such as ‘Chemicals’, highlighting how corporations damage the planet with their wasteful use of substances, or ‘Fossils’, demonstrating how life can be given to old products.

Part of their ‘Energy’ range, the ‘Planet Permanent’ tee depicts ‘a true story taking place on earth in the 21st century’.

With this stark realisation, let’s dive into the review:


Whilst the film design instantly catches the eye, the detail behind how the print comes together is the key component to this t-shirt.

Using eco-friendly ink, Permanent have purposely printed their design on the inside of the garment to help prevent over-consumption.

Giving their supporters the option to rep their label or wear a plain black tee gives those who purchase two options and removes any need for an additional piece of clothing.

The seams have been stitched in a way that makes them unnoticeable and adds further stylistic elements with the skeleton of the item on show.


Permanent utilise a slightly oversized t-shirt t partner it with some heavy black trouser and Doc Martens. With the relaxed fit of the tee, it isn’t hard to partner with anything. Reversing the item to use the plain black side makes it even easier.

Wear or don’t care?

Wear. This is the future we want, sustainable and calculated clothing. Shifting our ideologies away from fast fashion and investing in brands that put the planet first, we can unlock new avenues for style.

The inside-out print allowing for two t-shirts on one is genius and needs to be normalised across the industry to reduce over-consumption.

The prominent and hard-hitting graphic, done in a the style of a film poster that makes it relatable and recognisable, furthering it’s impression.

Permanent say ‘there is only one planet, your actions are permanent’ and it’s something we agree with. This t-shirt represents a positive, permanent act.

Thank you to Permanent for sending this product to Wear? Archives. 

Images courtesy of Permanent (

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