Wear? Archives Brands of the Year: Who caught the eye in 2020?

A year that has turned normality on its head, 2020 has been one of progression but equally as challenging.

In the world of streetwear, brands have had to react to a turbulent landscape that halted production and shrouded creativity.

Through the testing period, the following brands have caught the eye in various ways and as the year closes out, Wear? Archives celebrates these successes in their annual awards.

UK Brand of the Year: Drama Call

The Manchester-based label have had a super impressive 2020, prominent during the Black Lives Matter protests, raising valuable funds for charity.

Drama Call also kept up their high level production with the free ‘SEND HELP’ tees as part of their quarantine campaign as well as bringing jewelry, water guns and Oasis-themed merch to the fore.

Self-titled Brand of the Year: Marino Morwood

Designer Marino Morwood has carried the flame for vintage t-shirts for years, but he cemented himself at the top of the game in 2020.

Bringing forward individuals from other areas than the rap industry, he’s expanded his range by delving into new fanbases.

Furthermore, Marino stimulated the community at a time they needed it most by hosting his own vintage design competition then bringing new interest a few months later with a 50 t-shirt giveaway on Christmas day.

Global (non-UK) Brand of the Year: Absent

United States’ Absent have spent 2020 expanding their product portfolio, with fns able to get whatever they can imagine from the brand.

Rugs, rings, tables and so much more, the label have consolidated their aesthetic whilst Absent’s range has been topped off with a huge collaboration with Chinatown Market.

Under 1k (following) Brand of the Year: Guiste Original

Starting up in late 2019, Guiste Original brought forward their vision during 2020.

The brand utilised their creative eye to upcycle products with a clean collaboration with Afta Youth as well as giving prominence to their minimalist, vintage designs.

Eco-friendly Brand of the Year: Permanent

Dutch label Permanent have been one of the most progressive labels during 202.

The brand have produced upcycled collections from previous drops whilst innovatively pushing their vision for a more eco-friendly fashion industry.

They ended the year with an impressive collaboration with Yusu Coffee to bring two sustainable projects together.

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