Fusing London with basketball legends, Ultralight are creating collection pieces not clothes

Founded from South East London, Ultralight are a “creative outlet” infused with basketball inspiration.

From their ‘Dream Team’ design released late 2020 to the Kobe tees made during the summer, Ultralight are bringing the biggest legends to the European streetwear scene.

“Basketball has a very heavy influence to mainstream streetwear and I think people should be more informed about it,” Garrie Ramos, the brand’s founder, tells Wear? Archives.

“Jordan’s are booming within mainstream streetwear, however, people don’t know many other basketball players, aside from the like of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant etc. I want to help bridge that gap with my pieces.”

Ultralight have set out well on their quest to do this.

Their Jordan piece portrayed the six Championships, six rings, and the 14 shoes he wore during his Chicago Bulls career.

From this they’ve gained the momentum to move into footwear. A bootleg Jordan 1, titled ‘Air Dreams’ brings a fresh twist on a classic streetwear item.

More educative items are in the works. One demonstrating the story of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal’s relationship and success together.

“I want to create pieces that are more than just tees and hoodies. Ones that tell a story that lasts a long time and can be collected as a piece rather than just an item of clothing.

Ultralight’s success has been seen across Europe, in fact, the continent is very receptive to their items. One aspiration they have for this year is to grow their UK fanbase.

They are in a place so well suited to doing this. The roots of the brands, South East London, are home to some serious talent; Corteiz, Places + Faces, Marino Morwood and BySlik to name a few.

Another interesting part of the brand’s foundation is the meaning behind its title.

“Ultralight came from one of my inspirations, Kanye West. A direct reference to his song ‘Ultralight Beam’; it’s about faith, which is an important part of my life,”

“Ultralight can also mean many things, and that I’ll leave up to the followers in what it means to them.”

And, as the label fuse London’s multicultural society, basketball and streetwear together, more people are establishing what Ultralight means in their world.

Garrie Ramos speaking for Ultralight to Wear? Archives.

Images courtesy of Ultralight (@ultralightlondon).

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