From Australia to Europe, this brand is asking “Do You Feel Me?”

“Do you feel me?” That was probably the first thing Emin Kisin asked his friend Max Wessel after he came back from a year abroad in Australia.

During his time overseas, Emin designed tees for a school project and, on his return, proudly showed to his close friend.

Max obviously felt it because that sparked the idea to begin their own project in the fashion industry and the starting point for their brand was the question ‘Do You Feel Me?’.

The two friends sat down in their hometown of Neumunster, Germany, and started brainstorming, bouncing ideas back and forth.

After a while they came up with the logo for their brand, a smiling emoji with crying eyes. Digging even deeper into the subject, Emin and Max constantly came across that one phrase.

“It kept coming up in the videos that we watched to draw inspiration from. In these videos people presented their outfits and personal style to their audience and kept stating: “do you feel me?”,”

“We knew that this had to be our brand’s name. It gives a lot of play space while also complimenting our logo. It’s a beautiful synergy.

The concept partners the style the brand has too. Mixing different aspects of the fashion scene, combining them into one. The aforementioned synergy plays a part in every area the label touches.

“The idea is to combine areas like workwear & haute couture, giving them our own touch to create real streetwear pieces. This is what we as a brand stand for, it’s the concept behind Do You Feel Me.”

The idea works perfectly for the young German brand, having sold out both the seasonal collections they’ve dropped so far.

This momentum isn’t stopping anytime soon, the vision is growing and more people are starting to ask: Do You Feel Me?

Emin Kisil on behalf of Do You Feel Me? speaking to SteezyOnDoomsday x Wear? Archives.

Images courtesy of Do You Feel Me? (@douyou.feelme).

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