Sold-out Sunset Sweater success confirms Cetra Visions as January’s Brand of the Month

When Cetra Visions teased their ‘Sunset Sweater’ seven weeks ago, the buzz was insane. On the pre-release, it was even bigger. And on the drop, bigger still.

Carrying five weeks of hype was a demonstration of how much support Cetra has.

The label, an extension Marino Morwood’s self-titled brand, dropped the piece alongside sending free Scarface tees to those copping.

All this came during a time where Marino had his laptop jacked. Yet, the best was still to come.

The ‘Cream’ t-shirt, featuring a United States of Cetra dollar bill and large Cetra Rules Everything Around Me printing on the back received just as much heat as the Sunset Sweater.

Released at the end of the month, Cetra sealed an eye-catching January to set themselves up for a big 2021.

Images courtesy of Cetra Visions (@cetravisions).

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