sample030 drop their (creation) | collaboration range featuring reconstructed hoodies

The first label to release their (creation) | collaboration, as part of a joint sustainability project with Wear? Archives and STZY, are sample030, dropping reconstructed hoodies and totes.

The ‘Scars’ hoodie, designed in Germany, looks towards a sustainable and ethical production company in Portugal.

The brand worked to put together and oversized hoodie in a dust pink colourway.

“The idea behind the hoodie is to bring the inside outside of this garment. Using different sewing techniques It shows movement and shape in the garment itself. Additionally, I screen printed my logo on it.”

Turning products inside-out to give them a new use is an ever-growing trend and Sample030 are putting themselves at the fore of it with their latest release.

The German label are demonstrating that material doesn’t have to go to waste just because it’s outer appearance isn’t as desired.

“Getting involved with this project [(creation) | collaboration] is huge for the brand and inspiring to see other creatives develop sustainable ideas,”

“The label has always had a focus on sustainability and re-using old garment to create something very new is special. As a designer, it’s great to create something custom in a small quantity.

And as sample030 launch their sustainable items, they urge consumers to make a change too.

“Consumers should put big value on re-using, reducing and recycling clothing because of the impact it can do to the world.

Buying sustainable products from small designers is the perfect way to make an impact. The eco-friendly production, the appreciation for the design effort and the limited, special product you get in return.

Shop Sample030’s (creation) | collaboration here.

Images courtesy of sample030 (@sample030).

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