Bernot Fate on their approach into minimalism and craftsmanship

When B.FACE became Bernot Fate, it signalled a new era of minimalism and craftsmanship from the London-based brand.

“Personally, when looking at other labels, the first thing I notice before anything else is the quality of the garments fabric and craftsmanship,” Bernot Fate said whilst speaking to Wear? Archives.

This attitude was what stimulated a change. From “messy, forgettable prints” came a new, clean approach to their product.

And people supported it. Bernot Fate pushed through a testing 2020 with success as current fans and new supporters reacted positively to the change.

The label are going against the norm too. Designing what feels right to them and caring less about rigidly strategically planning their every move allows them to stay in touch with their fanbase and create products based off emotion.

“There’s honestly no strategy in place to try and constantly push and push our collection & Instagram,”

“I’m just taking the time I have now to work on Spring 2021 and continue at a healthy pace to release more clothes when I’m content with them.”

The aforementioned collection is going to be their seventh since establishing in 2018.

Currently influenced by their surroundings and the creative scene in Belgium, Bernot Fate’s past work has been inspired by a range of influences. In 2020, New York played a big part in their Spring releases.

“I was in New York for some time and was so stimulated by the people, architecture and drive of the city, so in this collection you can see a lot of NY influence, with the clean cut, crisp designs, and you can’t deny the NY Yankees logo captures perfectly the essence of New York streetwear culture.

Pushing New York’s narrative in such a successful way sets Bernot Fate up for an eagerly awaited Spring 2021 collection. How will Belgium influence the label’s releases? Will their be any unexpected references? How will they continue their minimalist aesthetic?

Fans await to see what’s to come, but they know that if it is anything similar to previous releases, the collection will continue their impressive minimalist aesthetic and certainly be worth the wait.

Images courtesy of Bernot Fate (@bernotfate).

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