Honest Skateboards water-based-ink tote bags drop as part of the (creation) | collaboration

The second instalment of ‘(creation) | collaboration’ comes from Honest Skateboards as they bring fresh water-based-ink tote bags forward.

Exponentially more environmentally friendly than plastisol ink, water-based inks can help reverse the damage the fashion industry is doing to the planet. Honest are a brand fighting this cause.

“Using water-based ink is very easy and fun, we handprinted these totes ourselves.”

“We know we can do more to help (against global warming), but this project and most of our clothing is sustainable.”

The brand used inspiration from a previous collection, re-using a fan-favourite graphic on to their totes.

And, Honest switched to a more eco-friendly production without much challenge.

“The only challenges we’ve faced during us time as working a full time job and running honest and getting into the printers to do my own screen printing is very time consuming, however I don’t mind as I love doing it.

The love of doing it brings an urge to others. A consistent theme throughout this project is the impact we want it to have on consumers. From the brands taking part, the message cannot be stronger.

“Buy products like ours to keep or pass on, not as part of the throw-away fast fashion culture.”

Images courtesy of Honest Skateboards (@honest_skateboards).

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