19RINGS are saving you from jewellery mistakes

There’s been a huge recent shift in the importance of jewellery within streetwear. Having rings, chains and other various accessories has become essential and so many labels are plugging fresh, new designs for people to buy.

Whilst there’s so much to like about the increase in jewellery’s importance, some things need flagging before people start making mistakes. 19RINGS are on hand to help.

“Brands sell stainless steel jewellery under the pretense of silver and it’s one of our biggest pet-peeves,”

“We don’t think this is right and it’s actually something that encouraged us to start 19RINGS.”

Priding themselves on their authenticity and transparency, 19RINGS are being open about their process and, in turn, changing streetwear’s jewellery scene.

No cut corners, no cheap material, only top quality designs. Since their rebrand in May 2020, they’ve been on an upwards trajectory to the top.

The change was to move towards a more conceptual approach in our jewellery design. We believe both our refined logo and brand direction reflect a new wave concept, giving us our own identity in the marketplace.

This new concept was displayed in their ‘Debut’ collection, a piece inspired by the pop-culture classic, Scarface.

“The phrase ‘The World Is Yours’ greatly resonates with our brand direction since we have complete freedom to create just about anything we wish.”

Planting themselves firmly into popular culture, 19RINGS are set to bring more references forward in the future. Yet they differentiate themselves from the aforementioned culture by rejecting mass production.

“Popular culture surrounds the most immediate and contemporary aspects of our lives, which are often subject to rapid change,”

“We would definitely want to release more pieces with references to it but, unlike popular culture, our designs will not be mass produced, to avoid cutting corners when it comes to quality and design.”

With aims to bring a different perspective to the streetwear scene, expect 19RINGS to be at the forefront of intricate and bulky jewellery.

“90s streetwear culture encompasses our brand concept. Through the use of handmade manufacturing processes, our jewellery serves both form and function; a solid, rugged form for essential, everyday wear.”

And the label are doing this with sustainability in mind, too. Their packaging is cardboard and the designs in the works are looking to use recycled silver.

“We’re taking steps to shift the brand towards a more sustainable model and constantly figuring out what works and what doesn’t by listening to feedback from our consumers.”

Everything 19RINGS do is for you. Creating products that protect the planet alongside having a unique place in the streetwear scene and preventing you from making mistakes with your jewellery purchases.

“We believe the best thing people can do with jewellery is to buy for the future. Jewellery should last for a lifetime, with the right care.”

Images courtesy of 19RINGS (@19_Rings).

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