Five ways to shop ethically without copping from sustainable brands

Ethical fashion’s prominence in the culture has blown up in recent years, with clothing playing a big part in the climate crisis.

Whether your opinion about whether it’s the corporations or consumers problem to deal with, everyone has to make changes to avoid a complete catastrophe.

Here are five ways you can check your impact whilst still copping pieces.

Shop secondhand

The fastest way to cut your footprint is to buy second-hand stuff. This way, no new resource is needed to produce it and that item is getting a second life.

Heading down to charity shops or scouring Depop for your favourite streetwear labels might also allow you to get a product for a cheaper price.

Pay more for less

That jacket you really wanted for £250? Cop it. Spending a lot on a few pieces is a climate conscious move. Shopping at quality brands that aren’t producing fast fashion means the planet is better off for the purchase, and the price helps stop you going overkill on clothes you don’t need.

This needs to be done responsibly though, check out where your money is going and learn about the business practices of the brand you’re purchasing from.

Buy small

You’re on the website for the home of underground streetwear so you already knew we were going to say this, but small labels are the way forward.

These brands are producing fewer items, meaning the detriment to the environment is a lot less compared to larger companies. Plus, they are bringing creative new ideas forward instead of ripping products and taking them mainstream like certain brands (you know who we’re on about).

Donate old clothes

When buying new, don’t forget about the old. There’s probably so much sat at the back of your wardrobe that could be given to charity and allowed a new life of its own instead of collecting dust.

Spend a day deciding what to do with all your items, charity, depop or keep before buying a load more stuff for yourself.

Cop from sustainable brands

We know the title says ‘without’, but why not? There’s some top labels producing quality products whilst doing so sustainably. Take time to research and find labels that put the planet first, then support them on their mission by purchasing from them.

Images courtesy of Sample030 & Permanent Clothing (@sample030 /

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