Laced HQ’s & Nike creative Titi Finlay on how to cultivate a community

Making women’s voices heard within the sneaker world is a mission Titi has captivated an audience doing and her mission is a powerful one. ⁣In an interview with us, she dropped some wisdom on how change can be instigated.

Brands in the fashion industry must be doing more to bring everyone into the community. And there’s a simple way it can be done: by listening to the people. ⁣

Hear their stories, accept their critiques, find solutions and create answers. Let’s be better.

It’s an often unseen exclusion, but when you peel back a layer you realise how easily women are sized out of the sneaker industry.

Bringing this to the fore, Titi, who held a Nike creative session in their London Town store, challenges large labels to think about their production processes.

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