Cernucci are changing the jewellery game

Cernucci are changing the jewellery game one pendant at a time. From sell-out football pendants to ice cold chains, this South-West London label are producing pieces for the future generations.

Inspired by a background of hip hop and urban culture, the brand have well and truly established themselves with the youth of today.

Founded in 2017, the come up has been insane. The label are closing in on a 300k following on Instagram and are only becoming more popular.

The club pendants are an instant win, with fans of the brand linking themselves to their club in the iciest way whilst the cuban chains bring a subtle bling to anyone’s outfit.

Keeping it 100 on their IG stories, with some of the funniest content you’ll see in the streetwear scene, the brand have become a place where people confess sins, go crazy for any potential free gear and snitch on their mate’s for jacking their style. Cernucci are well and truly in a class of their own.

Images courtesy of Cernucci (@cernucci).

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