The ‘hobby’ clothing brand putting on some of streetwear’s best events

A clothing brand that started as a hobby, and one that has remained exactly that, Guiste are bringing their own impact in the streetwear scene with some crazy events.

Fresh off the back of their weekend pop up with Cold Prints, the label hailing from the Bristol area are already in the works with their motive.

“I’ve got to go all out for this one. People aren’t going to be ready,” Guiste told Wear? Archives.

Their weekend with Cold Prints has set a pretty high standard. With other brands jumping into the mix, Guiste held a weekend full of streetwear in the day and then hit up London’s nightlife in the evening.

“There was a fat after part with Novelist and loads of insane acts. It went off,

In the days, there was everything from tattoo artists, brands, tooth gems, resellers and so much more…”

For a brand that remains ‘jus a hobby’, they are putting in some serious work.

“It’s always been a hobby, something that’s helped my mental health massively. I don’t want to take it so seriously that it becomes corporate.”

Going corporate isn’t in Guiste’s foundation. No industry plant, the brand was founded in a university bedroom between two people.

“Guiste was always going to happen, I wanted to start something back when I was in school so was only a matter of time,”

“It started between me and a mate, we got as far as the name before he dropped out. I decided to keep it going and here we are now, three years later.

And the name they landed on came after a long brainstorming session, with hours spent jotting random words on a piece of paper, searching for meaning.

“For some reason Guiste stuck with us,”

“A German guy came into one of the pop ups and said it means ‘spirit’ or ‘ghost’. He could have said a lot worse!”

Three years into the game and Guiste is making its mark. With its unintentional German meaning and a grounded mentality, surrounded by loads of other independent brands in Bristol, the best is yet to come.

With new trackies formed off a Guiste classic and bigger events on the horizon, this hobby isn’t being put to the side anytime soon.

Guiste speaking to Wear? Archives.

Images courtesy of Guiste (@Guistexoriginal).

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