LES GENS are doing it for the Midlands and the people

When your brand name translates from French to English as ‘the people’, you need to have them at the centre of what you do. LES GENS do that and so much more.

“We want to promote that anyone can be whoever they want and if they are passionate about something, they should go for it.

“We want to represent those people and provide opportunities for them to do just that.”

Throughout their growth, the label have played host to numerous up and coming talents across the UK, honing in on their area: the Midlands.

From fashion to events, with creative culture in between, the label have a three-pronged approach to the game, fusing various aspects to create their own narrative.

“[We’re inspired by] anyone trying to change the blueprint of what’s already out there. Pushing boundaries in any way they can.”

In 2022, their ethos has been in full swing.

“This year has been crazy for us. We’ve had clothing pop ups in London and Nottingham, music events, festival stages, monthly drops and a couple of features in GQ which we’ve been incredibly proud of.

LES GENS have teamed up with a few other local labels at these events.

Their London pop-up, alongside Honest & GVNMNT, was a weekend-long event with day and night motives.

“The mix of 3 brands worked perfectly as there was so many people coming through showing love and then being introduced to different labels whilst being there.

All three had the Midlands in common and it’s here LES GENS have formed their narrative.

Wanting to give others the opportunities without leaving the area, the label use their creative platform to highlight musicians, artists and other creatives in the area.

“If you’re sick at what you do and are passionate about it, we’d love to put you on in any way we can.

“Everything doesn’t always have to be about competition all the time.”

And, LES GENS are using the rest of 2022 not just to support, but also drop gems of their own.

With new colourways of their truckers pending and a release that’s going to ‘turn heads’, the people aren’t going to be disappointed any time soon.

LES GENS speaking to Wear? Archives.

Images courtesy of LES GENS (@lesgensclothing).


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