The app that is the future of fashion

Every so often, something comes along that shifts streetwear. From Supreme years ago to CRTZ leading a new wave of street uniform, this feels like another moment.

Tilt is centralising streetwear in a way no one has managed. Devising an app, they’ve linked up with Gen-Z brands to create a marketplace that focusses on the community first.

Using futuristic graphics, type and interfaces, Tilt has crafted it’s niche and is now rapidly expanding inside it. Putting collectible items, social sharing and the culture at the heart of their marketplace, the brand are helping shift streetwear into the next-gen, almost Meta-versing the fashion space.

“All you see now is grids and prices,” Neil Shah, founder of Tilt, tells Wear? Archives.

“Previously going shopping was a fun experience, being with your friends and discovering new brands and items. E-commerce makes it increasingly harder to discover new brands.”

It’s true, and the very reason why Wear? Archives also exists. Giving people a place to locate their next favourite brand is essential to streetwear’s development.

“We are working with emerging Gen Z fashion brands. There is currently no marketplace that supports these businesses and we are creating a next generation platform for them.”

This marketplace exists to give new labels a platform and customers a hub.

We have social features that allow people to represent themselves virtually and have unlock able items that you gain when doing various actions on the app,”

“Our interface also starts with livestreams and videos, most other marketplaces juts have plain photos.”

These are just the first steps in creating an immersive virtual shopping experience. They have over 100 labels to their name pre-launch and their social content certainly is adding to the buzz they are creating.

“As we grow we will aim to make the shopping experience even more immersive and fun,” Neil says.

“We’ll allow brands to host giveaways, consumers to leave video review, and add more social features in that enable people to curate different collections.”

The waitlist has been growing since they first announced their app. Neil reiterates how unique the marketplace is in the fashion and early fans certainly agree.

The mission for Tilt is set, to redefine streetwear. They believe this is the future of shopping and that they will also be the main bridge between tech and fashion. With financial backing, a unique space in the culture and the brand to match, the signs are that they are right.

Most people say watch this space when talking about new things on the market, but with Tilt it feels to good to just be a bystander… get immersed in this space is what people need to do.


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