Who are Wear? Archives ‘Brands of 2022’?

From the globally known CRTZ to IDA fresh off the block, the five chosen labels have carved their own lane this year and led the way in the scene. 

With more set to come in ‘23, the best still may yet to arrive but what they brought over the 365 days in 2022 has moved the needle.

Annually awarded, Wear? Archives names the following as the brands of 2022


Having conquered Australia, Nigeria & got the whole of London running around the streets for cargos, there’s no argument that CRTZ are the brand of the moment. 

Capturing people with insane guerrilla marketing and their addictive buzz, the label lead the way in streetwear and have household brands tapping in and biting off their style. 

Clint and the team never forget their roots either which makes every step of their journey even more of a statement. 

Expect more of the same at an even bigger scale in 2023.

UK: Unknown London

World Cup collabs, country-wide tours and instantly sold out drops. That’s Unknown London’s year. 

Already producing fire in 2021, the bar was raised significantly again this time around with their UK tour capturing the youth. Queues longer than you’d see at Supreme in Leeds, London & beyond formed as fans snapped their best tour bus pics, hoping to win the whole collection.

From there, the brand ventured into Europe with their pop ups before bringing it back home for a World Cup collab with HCW. 

No one can predict their next move and that’s what makes 2023 so exciting. We go into the Unknown.


Fresh on the scene, the rise of this London label has been insane. Tapping into a network of influencers, friends and more, Jordan Vickors has created a buzz beyond the boundaries of England’s capital.

With a name centred around a family member, the foundations were set and the creative has seen the brand touch upon football references along with bold print designs, such as the ‘SCAMMER’ tee. 

New in its lifespan, IDA has so much more in the locker with media real estate and new collaborations still to touch upon. Stay tuned for 2023.


Playing around with new styles and creating unseen takes in the accessories niche, 19RINGS have caught the eye all 2022.

Taking their fans deeper with their approach to TikTok, showcasing their custom abilities and range, the brand have put the people first to supply 1/1 pieces to those across the world. 

Alongside this, some sweet drops that portray the creators personality and flavour cannot be ignored. 

Having cemented their foundations, real momentum has been gathered going into 2023.

SELF-TITLED: Cole Buxton

Dropping the warmest puffers in the game late on in the year, Jonny, Cole & the team secured an incredible 365 days for the brand.

With a documentary dropping, showcasing the trials a fashion powerhouse has to go through and behind the scenes cuts of day-to-day life, CB touched new ground and redefined old classics during 2022.

Their community links, with appearances in The Basement’s debut magazine and partnerships with UVU Club have only furthered their ‘the whole team eats’ approach. 

Setting a lifestyle standard away from the brand and plugging that into their output, it’s only further up from here in 2023.

Onto 2023 and there’s so much that’s going to happen. Which notable names will stand out next year, it remains to be seen.

But one thing we know now, is who your Brand of 2022 is?

Images courtesy of the brands of 2022.


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