Streetwear brands to watch out for in 2023

With the New Year dropping in, streetwear brands have new collections and different seasons pending. A change in the calendar brings about fresh motivations and new projects.

Within the wide world of fashion, some labels are plugging away creating excellence ready to blow in 2023.

The list could of been endless, but we’ve nailed down four brands to keep a close eye on this year:

Heaven Can Wait

Rounding off 2022 with an Unknown London collaboration, Felix Spooner’s HCW have been doing their thing for a while.

They have one of the most heated knit jumpers in recent times from a previous drops. Alongside this, they have tapped into gothic themes to create a consistent aesthetic that has seen the brand grow an audience of over 100k people. 


Structured around contemporary minimalism, about:blank have nailed it. 

From the set design that surrounds their incredible Reels, to the music choice that accompany that very output, the brand have stripped everything back to produce consistent fire. 

Going into 2023, they are claiming their niche in the minimalist space and building immensely upon it. 


Spotted on the likes of AJ Tracey and IAMDDB last year, NCAPPED have been going about their business in the UK.

With 3M designs on lock and some tech-wear pieces that add to a summer or winter rotation, it feels like the best is yet to come from the brand.


Hand-carved ashtrays and full set tracksuits have caught the eye in 2022. It remains to be seen what they’ll bring this time around.

London has another fine export. Following the likes of CRTZ and Marino Morwood in carving their own lane, VENTED are literally doing that.

Images courtesy of the brands mentioned.


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