How the Badfriend uniform took over the streets

Double-denimed down or trackies and a hoodie from head to toe, when it comes to Badfriend, these pieces all have one thing in common. 

Their iconic star logo, that has become central to their highly-demanded sets, is often seen on the city streets, with it becoming a staple for anyone owning a piece from the brand. 

In the early days, Badfriend took inspiration from global labels and integrated recognisable traits into their work, and this has continued through to what has become pretty much the brand’s uniform.

First seen in 2019, the shooting star icon originally formed the print on white tees. Gathering hype, the brand moved quickly. Adding the piece to the crotch area on jeans, a BAPE looking design appeared and blew up. 

Having tested the boundaries on leather and double denim, co-signs from Clint419 and more have seen the products pop.

Now a must for any fan of the brand, the experimentation and re-runs are flooding the streets. Alongside hitting the wave of crotch prints, Badfriend have found a product that stands the test of time. A true piece of streetwear excellence.

Images courtesy of Badfriend (@badfriend).


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