3 jewellery brands you need to know about ahead of summer

It’s the time of year where puffers get parked and the pieces get to reappear. With the change in season and warmer summer days, jewellery becomes a key part of the fit rotation.

With so many brands appearing over recent years, the options are endless. The streetwear scene has taken to pearls, ice and minimalist styles, with labels for every type doing the rounds on TikTok and Instagram.

We’ve picked out three labels that you need to know about ahead of this summer:


The kings of ice and cuban chains, Cernucci are not just a brand but a community you should be involved with.

Whether it’s memes or helping people with their relationships, they are always up to something.

But, back to the jewellery. Their chains are affordable, high quality and glisten miraculously. They’ve just dropped their Renaissance collection for Summer ’23 too with clothing cops to match the ice.

19 Rings

Taking you behind-the-scenes on TikTok, 19 Rings are one of the most transparent brands you’ll find.

Showing their process and concept creation online, they are the go-to place for custom pieces done in a clean, crisp style.

Making conversation starters, their unconventional rings and neckwear takes you on a journey of familiar feelings through unfamiliar designs.

They have text-led creations and ‘life’ pieces that are designed to last forever. If your style leans into that minimalist style, 19 Rings is the place to be.

Feather Pendants

You almost can’t miss this label. Features in CULTED, GQ and beyond have made it clear that they are a serious player in the jewellery game.

They present the perfect opportunity to add coloured pieces in to the rotation with their conceptual jewellery coming in cuban rings and pearls.

Known for their crocodile styles and heavyweight pieces, hit up Feather Pendants for your next purchase.

Images courtesy of Cernucci, 19 Rings & Feather Pendants.


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