Reviewing IDA Supply’s Glitter Logo t-shirt

A brand carrying serious buzz right now, fresh off their latest drop and some seriously heated items pending. IDA Supply are fusing a Stussy background, football and fashion.

The label have been bringing new ideas to the streetwear scene since they were founded and some of their earlier pieces are already looking like future archive gems.

Bakar, YS Sainte and more have all repped the label and some of their tees have taken the game by storm.

Wear? Archives attended the brands 2022 Shoreditch giveaway and managed to get a ‘Glitter Logo’ tee.

Here’s how we rated it:


Coming in white and black with the same consistent silver glitter logo design on the front of the tee, this was IDA’s first experimentation with textured print, coming very early in their production.

With this, the design takes centre stage and heroes the very icon that has been with them since the brand’s birth.

The shimmering logo stands tall and nodded towards what was to come for IDA. Diving into more technical prints early on in their life has only seen them experiment with new materials and classic football jerseys since.

Wear? Archives grabbed hold of the white tee that goes with pretty much anything in the wardrobe. It’s slightly loose fit works well with cargos, trackies, shorts and fights off any skinny jean wearers, which is always a nice touch.

A few other nice additions come in the ‘2022’ season detailing on the sleeve, which carries the tee further in its technicality.

Wear? or Don’t Care:

IDA have produced gem here, with a print style not seen often in the scene, making it instantly stand out and recognisable.

Simple in its main design from there, being the main logo of the brand, IDA have kept it clean to create a classic.

Images courtesy of IDA Supply (@ida.sply).


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